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Welcome to E-CELL, LNMIIT. A non profit organization which aims at developing an entrepreneurial spirit amongst the students by supporting and developing their entrepreneurship skills.

About Us

E-Cell, LNMIIT is a group of passionate and exuberant students at LNMIIT, Jaipur working on promoting a spirit of Entrepreneurship among the youngsters. Being one of the most active E-Cell’s in Jaipur, we engage in events related to Entrepreneurship on a frequent basis in and outside Jaipur.

Not just this, we organize a wide variety of events and competitions for the brain storming of budding entrepreneurs.  We actively participated and won Entrepreneurship related events. We organized our flagship event Statrup Intern Fair for Plinth, The Techno-Management-Literary Fest of LNMIIT, twice in consecutive years with more than 20 startups every year to offer internships to prospective students. Another of our achievements was organizing Startup Weekend during Plinth'17. It was a Google Powered Event which helped participants understand the challenges and how to overcome them when starting a venture from ground stage. Senior Memebers of the Cell participated in ESummit, IIT Roorkee. The team collectively attended Apathon and St.Xaviers Fest where we all learned new skills and networked with important people. We organized resume making sessions in view of the Intern Fair that we planned and executed. Apart from attending and organizing events, we also have regular sessions every week for the members of the cell where we come together to discuss about a particular domain. We also organized several events for the LNMIIT family as a whole.

Faculty Mentor

Avish Jain


Torsha Pathak


Mehul Khurana

Member, Y17

Rishabh Sancheti

Member, Y17

Saatvik Gupta

Member, Y17

Archit Khandelwal

Member, Y18

Pulkit Jain

Member, Y18

Jayant Khandelwal

Member, Y18

Bharat Agrawal

Member, Y18

Pinkesh Unadkat

Member, Y18

Dushyant Gupta

Member, Y18

Kushagra Agarwal

Member, Y18

Divyanshu Bansal

Member, Y18

Jahanvi Budania

Member, Y18

Garvit Gupta

Member, Y18

Lokesh Dulani

Member, Y18

Student Mentors

Akhilesh Maheshwari

Y14, Ex- Coordinator

Ayush Muniya

Y14, Ex- Coordinator

Sumit Sapra

Y14, Core Member

Mayuri Agarwal

Y15, Ex- Coordinator


Y15, Ex- Coordinator

Ujjwal Agarwal

Y16, Ex-Coordinator

Taruna Garg

Y16, Ex- Coordinator

Other Student Mentors

Gaurav Maheshwari

Tavleen Kaur

Anushka Goyal

Gaurav Singhal

Kaustubh Khandelwal

Our Achievements

We are the largest club of Tech Council of LNMIIT. Here are some tasks, we have successfully accomplished. Check them out!

E-Summit, IIT Roorkee

March 2018

Senior members of ECell participated in the annual summit organised by IIT Roorkee. Members participated in the different events including the flagsship Startup Weekend

Annual fest of St. Xavier's

February 2018

The team of ECell participated in the annual fest in different arenas ranging from Surrogate Advertising to Live Auctions.

Resume Making Session

January 2017

Members of E-Cell conducted an Educative Resume making session at JECRC, College and University for the upcoming event Start-up Intern Fair.

The Appathon

January 2017

We collectively attended the appathon. The team of E-Cell attented the Appathon organized by - Think Space, Jaipur, collectively, funded by the College.

Winners at Rajasthan Startup Fest

November 2016

The team of ECell bagged first place at the flagship event for the startup enthusiasts coming from top notch colleges.

Winners at JU­ RHYTHM

November 2016

At the annual fest of JECRC​ College, we secured the first position at the B­Plan competition thus winning cash prize and hearts of the judging panel and audience.

Events Hosted

AUGUST 21, 2019

In association with Josh Talks and Media Cell LNMIIT
NOVOMBER 16, 2018

JANUARY 21, 2018

JANUARY 19-21, 2018

MARCH 15, 2019

In association with ED-CELL MNIT, JAIPUR
NOVEMBER 5, 2017

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Startup Intern Fair

Startup Intern Fair is a one stop place for getting a chance to do an internship in some of the well known and budding startups of the country. Ranging from technical to non-technical domain, one can select the internship of their genre.

Startup Weekend

A Google powered event, Startup Weekend aims to promote the Startup culture by providing an ideal environment for startup magic to happen. Surrounded by smart, passionate people and the right tools and approaches at your disposal, you’ll take giant leaps towards creating a business, becoming a founder, and connect with the right people and resources.

Sell With E-CELL

The event is based on the fundamental idea of providing an individual a real life experience of managing his own venture as well as collaborating with his partners. The event offers the student a platform to experiment, test their skills as well as shape their ideas with absolute liberty.

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